There is fast fashion
– We wear tailored and unique clothes.

We don’t have to fit into fast fashion, Suitable Fashion fits around us.


There are social problems
– We create positive impact.

We don’t have to exploit vulnerable groups for our wardrobe, with Suitable Fashion we empower underestimated people.


There is waste
– We upcycle hidden gems.

We don’t have to create waste to look good, we look good from the inside out with our circular skirt from Suitable Fashion.

We love our skirt because it is

Tailor made


A unique piece


Made in beautiful conditions

Our suitable service

There are webshops
- We get real life service on site.

We don’t have to guess from pictures – We feel and see the textiles on our body.

There are fashion sellers
- We meet professional style advisors.

We don’t have to doubt our choice. We know that the skirt will empower our unique body.

There is ending service
- We have a circular service.

We never have to throw away our fashion. Our skirt can be made bigger and smaller and has a refundable deposit.