STEP | 2.1

  • Undress to your tights or underpants
  • Proceed by straightening your spine and shrugging your shoulders
  • You then have a perfect body position to start measuring yourself




STEP | 2.2

  • Start to measure the smallest contour of your waist (size A) and the largest contour of your hips (size B).
  • Then measure the distance between your waist and hips (size C).
  • Finally choose the preferred length of your skirt¬†(size D).





STEP | 2.3

  • Go to the CHECKOUT page and and fill in your contact and address details.
  • At the end of the page write down your A, B, C, D sizes in the order note.
  • Confirm by paying by card and receive your double sided sustainable pencil skirt by mail at your doorstep!



Esmee Mlihi | info@suitablefashion.nl | 0031(0)641854930